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Our Services

Facility Management

As trusted Facility Management and Maintenance Service provider in the region, we are making the facility management and maintenance service more valuable for all customers. we provide a programmatic system that helps us serve our client as a single resource for facility development, construction, cost-saving, operations, and facility management.

We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs, difficulties, and short and long-term goals. We create and implement unique win-win integrated FM operating strategies based on shared understanding, with strong business continuity, lower life-cycle costs, and increased asset lifespan. Our FM Service offering encompasses the whole gamut of integrated FM services.

we offer our service to:

  • Commercial buildings.

  • Homes

  • Hotels

  • schools

  • resorts

  • sports arenas

  • Conference centers

  • Hospitals

Our success comes from the strong team of experts and partners that can complete any project / Job professionally and efficiently using the best process and standards that enable us to deliver value-based services along with exceptional customer experience
We provide integrated solutions to keep your sites in the best possible condition. And ensure your business continuity, mitigate the consequences of failure of your facility and reduce your maintenance cost.

our services include:

  • Manage and operate your facility

  • Cost and Energy Saving solutions

  • Consultation and Condition Assessment

  • Risk assessments

  • Managed services

Focus on growing your business and leave your maintenance and repair services to weeDo. Our services carried out and supervised by a highly qualified team of engineers, technicians.

our service includes:

  • Electricity Systems

  • Plumping systems

  • AC Systems

  • Security systems

  • Heating systems (Gas, Diesel), Radiators repair and fitting

  • Carpentry Services

  • Painting, Gibson Board and Wall paper

  • Doors and windows maintenance

  • Swimming pools

  • Pest Control

  • Security Services

  • Landscaping

  • Cleaning Service