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Setting a New Standards for Customer Service

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Our Company

weeDO is a unique, full-service Professional construction engineering and mobility services firm comprised of multi divisions serving the MENA region

We have been building programmatic system and solutions that helps us serve our client as a single resource for projects development, design, cost management , and facility management across the commercial office, residential, new building, retail, warehouses and hospitality management .

Facility Management

We provide integrated solutions to keep your sites in the best possible condition. And ensure your business continuity, mitigate the consequences of failure of your facility and reduce your maintenance cost.

Project Management

Measure Performance, Report Effectively, & Get Insights

Interior & Exterior Designing

Expert team has worked with a broad client base to deliver projects on time, on budget and beyond client expectations

Cost Management

Building process and partnerships that helps us in estimating, allocating, and controlling project costs

Project Control

project controls consultants can play an important role in the effective completion of large projects

We Specialize In




Lifestyle centersHypermarketsSuperStoresShowRooms


HotelsRestaurantsHealth Center


WarehousesDistribution centers

We Proudly Partner With Clients Who Trusted Us With Their Project & Facility Management

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Our Team

John Walker


David Green

Main Architect

Natalie Jones

Application Engineer

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