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Our Services

Facility & Operations Management

We will keep your workplace more productive, healthier, and safer. As a business owner or facility manager, you understand that your building is an asset — one that is essential to the success of your business.

We are providing high-standard solutions to your needs by operating facilities that are sustainable and efficient. Our expert team is committed to working closely with you to understand your specific needs and design a comprehensive solution that exceeds your expectations.

we provide our service for all businesses of all sizes. our team has worked with businesses across a wide variety of industries.

Our services include

  • Interior design and decoration
  • Interior and exterior painting services
  • Carpentry and furniture manufacturing
  • Interior and exterior door and window
  • manufacturing and installation
  • Electromechanical work implementation
  • Supervision of project implementation
  • Bills of quantities and materials management

Work Procedures

  • Collecting data and entering it into the maintenance system for all of the company’s devices and equipment.
  • Educating the coordination team on how to use the system.
  • Creating a collaborative work team to transfer operations to the We Do team.
  • During the first month of contracting, complete a full report on all works that require maintenance.
  • Create an action plan to complete all of tasks.

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