We are Jordanian company established in 2017 our services provided by highly qualified trained professional and supervised by high qualified team to get the job done right.

Our vision is to Facilitate the maintenance and repair services to be more convenience and reliable

Our mission is to provide an easy and fast way to request services and provide quick estimate for time and cost of service to insure a worry-free service without any surprises, and to give an exceptional customer service from start to finish.

Why weeDO

Fast & Easy
Finding a technician could not be more simple and easy with weeDO. call us or submit your order directly using Sahel app

Quality & Guarantee
We give our customer full guarantee on all our services, with guarantee to leave your place clean and tidy

Accurate pricing
weeDO will give estimate cost and time required to complete the job, no surprises

On time
weeDO team will always arrive on time with the ability to trace the technician live location on the map using Sahel application.

How to request a service?

weeDO provides different channels to request our service easily and effort less. you can request our service fast and easy directly through Sahel app or by calling 0792030085.

Our Clients